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  • This dude is a real piece of work. Clackamette park boat launch. Evening... individuals lining up their boats to obtain out of the water. Can this guy wait in line? Nope... Pulls right up to the dock... almost hits my friend's boat... not once... however TWICE! He then gets out of our way (as we are tied to the dock & moving to obtain our trailer) however soon races up the ramp on foot, jumps in his truck & BACKS it down the ramp. But since he can't load his boat right in front of us (ie. we're tied to the dock) he backs down at a angle & then tries to load up his boat at a angle. Almost hits us AGAIN! Dude... had it not been for the fact that my friends & I had out children present I most likely would have thrown ur sorry butt in the river! Consider yourself lucky...

    • Car Details: OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Gladstone, Oregon, US
    Anonymous May 31, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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