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  • Driver pulled toward Washington from 4600 S & passed alternative auto that was attempting to pull from median into left lane after truck in left lane changed lanes to allow them in. As he was passing other auto not using his signals, auto was in process of pulling into left hand lane not realizing that motorcycle planned to rapidly accelerate & attempt to pass her. Motorcycle swerved into right lane just inches in front of truck that changed lanes to allow them in causing truck to brake to bypass smashing him since auto he was passing pulled into left lane & he required to swerve to bypass getting hit. Truck returned to left lane (using signals) & motorcycle attempted to force his way in front of truck (not warning for lane change) however after realizing he was moving to obtain smash if he tried, he remained in right lane en voyage less than a foot from my bumper. He tailgated me for a while until there was a opening in left lane & kept tailgating, making unannounced lane changes, & forcing his way in front of people along Hwy 89. traffic was moving 5-10 miles above posted speed limit however he just wanted to go faster.

    • Car Details: Black SUZUKI Bullet Bike (Unknown)?
    • Last Seen Location: Ogden, Utah, US
    Anonymous September 28, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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