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  • Driver parked & blocked 3/4 of a private driveway amidst rodeo celebration where all vehicles was parked on the road thus blocking all entrance & exit of personal cars from the driveway. Noticed open container of beer in driver's cup holder. When these individuals was approached in regards their vehicle, the female who was a commuter received extremely angry & hurled beer, spit in my face, & threatened few someone else with a knife & spoke she didn't care if we couldn't obtain out of our driveway when we spoke her the owner was diabetic & may have a emergency. Plus emergency medical individuals was as well blocked in. They as well had two children in the back of the car.

    • Car Details: Bronze silver CHRYSLER LHS
    • Last Seen Location: Lake City, Iowa, US
    Anonymous July 02, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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