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  • I was approaching from E Middlefield Rd from Central Expy/Mary Ave when I was standing by for the light to shift green to obtain on 237 moving towards El Camino/Grant Rd to visit Smart & Finals. Right when the light turned green for me & I stepped on my gasoline to go toward 237 this guy in his white truck license plate #8G35335 (Nov) decides to make a quick shift while he blabbered on his mobile telephone of course & almost smash me, which was a scary thing to experience while being very pregnant in my 3rd trimester 1 small weeks to go until my due date. Lucky for him he didn't smash me, however if he did the impact of him smashing me would have been a great deal to the point he could have mostly likely complicated my pregnancy with the speed he was moving when he made that right shift without all signals while being focused on his call on the mobile phone. Since he undoubtedly wasn't paying all attention to his surrounding one time we received toward 237 (still on his mobile phone) & was moving on the slow lane I decided to change lanes to obtain toward the fast lane to bypass anymore troubling situations with this jerk. I was en voyage fine up until he was en voyage behind this big o construction truck on the slow lane, which at the last minute came into my lane barely missing me by a inch & again without no signals, still on his freakin mobile telephone & totally speeding!! We two made a left shift from Grand Rd toward El Camino, no shift signals for him & as well turned right moving into the shopping complex. Him moving to Burger King for lunch again without all shift signals & me moving to Smart & Finals. He must know that if I'm complaining in regards him & his en voyage on platewire.com then I'm certain there are other victims out there who could relate to me. Lucky for him, he must know that since he didn't collide with me the 1st time either even the 2nd time he received off good. If he would have collided with me the 2nd time on 237 moving at a speed 70/75 for him (slow lane) & 60/65 for me (fast lane) then if he had somehow hurt me & somehow killed my unborn child then he would be facing a huge 'lawsuit' against him right now, however luckily that's not the case so at least I'm thankful that I wasn't in a auto accident. It would have devastated me since I've been carrying my beautiful child for the last eight months without all complications & have gotten very attached even though my daughter isn't born yet. I'm certain other pregnant women can relate how scary it can be while making errands when u come across a dangerous dumbass enjoy this 1 here.

    • Car Details: White OTHER
    • Last Seen Location: Mountain View, California, US
    Anonymous April 21, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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