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  • Sissonville, WV. Derricks Creek Road on 12/10/10 just before midnight. I was en voyage the speed limit thirty five mph. Headlights in the back come up on me fast. Tailgating me so I come to a complete stop in road. He passes & increases speed. I speed up to see how fast he is moving 50mph. Road changes to twnty five MPH he slows down to 45mpg. I follow in order to obtain license plate num of truck. He not ever slows down even around blind curves. Driving reckless in a full size truck. If u see a gray Nissan Titan License plate num 8JY - 737 u better move out of his way as a result of he will run u down.

    • Car Details: Gray NISSAN Titan
    • Last Seen Location: Sissonville, West Virginia, US
    Anonymous December 11, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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