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  • I'm at Battlefield Mall, a fat 350 pound hog gets out of her auto & slams into my door. I obtain out to see in regards a $500 dent & ask that she pays for it. She starts laughing so hard at me, she spits out Cheetos all above my new jacket I just received for Christmas. I obtain real hot & kick the side of her door. She rings the police & I go to jail for disorderly conduct. What the hell????? I still have a dent that she will allegedly not be held accoutable for. The officer who arrested me spoke that I'll many likely have to attend anger management classes & pay for the damage to HER car????

    • Car Details: Beige FORD Exploder
    • Last Seen Location: Springfield, Missouri, US
    Anonymous December 28, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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