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  • Franklin Co. The early part of the Sxx series was skipped by Passenger since it was old for 'Special Plates' - (Limited Use Farm Trucks) & was allocated 000 SAA through 999 SHG. Passenger plates resumed at 000 SHH. U & V series skipped. Plates jumped from TZZ to WAA. The state name, county name, & plate num appeared in blue through the YPK series, however then changed to black in the YPL series. Kyle Ford reports a high of 982 YPK (Tama Co.) in blue, & a low of 090 YPL (Louisa Co.) in black. The zero slash plates appear to have started at YYA. Kyle reports 840 YXZ (Polk Co.) without the slash, & 330 YYA (Washington Co.) with the slash. Iowa has begun the rolling replate process, & Kyle reports that it appears reissued plates are being sent from different letter allotments than the new issues. Here are his notes: For example, neighbor buys a new auto & I replace plates on my old auto in Union County on the same day. He gets ZNZ & I obtain ZKE. Reissues are as well being run alphabetically by county name. I've seen YYX plates from Clinton, Crawford, & Dallas, YZK plates from Madison, Mahaska, & Marion, & ZAG plates from Story, Taylor, Union, & Wapello. This leads me to believe the reissues are generated automatically based on num of registered cars due for renewal per month, beginning with Adair & ending with Wright. This gives Iowa plate spotters something new to check as there will be a ongoing overall high for new issues (could be from all county) & a monthly high for reissues (in theory must always be from Wright Co. as its last registrant would complete that month's reissue series for the whole state). Talk in regards confusing!

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    Kenneth L. Barton March 09, 2013
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