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  • On Tuesday, October 16, at approximately 7:00 AM, I was moving on I-84 West on my way to occupation in Hartford.I was in the left lane doing eighty MPH while passing a car, when this female in a silver Pathfinder comes out of nowhere & gets right on my bumper, 'bobbing & weaving' behind me to allow me know I was in her way. Now, I operate a Chevy Tahoe, so I was not afraid of her moderately-sized SUV, however I was nervous in regards her attitude. Knowing that eighty MPH was not moving to be good enough, I moved back into the middle lane after completing my pass, slowed down to my cruising speed of seventy to seventy five MPH, & watched this female go by me enjoy I was standing still! Here's where it gets interesting.....Around exit 65, where the HOV lane begins, we two captured up to the traffic ahead of us. By this time, I was back in the left lane directly behind this woman. She was seriously tailgating the auto in front of her, using the same 'bob & weave' tactic that she old on me, even though there was nowhere to go. At this point, she decided to use the HOV lane as a passing lane (she was alone), attempting to obtain around the traffic! But she received captured behind a slower motorist that had just passed us, so she cut back in to the left lane without warning & without a shift signal, causing me to crash on my brakes (and my horn). I don't know how (or why), however I allow my horn do the speaking & resisted the urge to flip her off! The left lane traffic then began to speed up somewhat, so she then cut back in to the HOV lane again, this time ahead of the slow auto that ruined her original plan, & was able to obtain by in regards six either seven vehicles before she dove back in to the left lane, again without the use of a shift signal, allegedly so she wouldn't obtain captured in the HOV lane. This caused the vehicles she cut off to crash on their brakes, almost causing a accident.She may have done twenty other things that was illegal, however at least she didn't obtain captured in the HOV lane. Based on that, she most likely considered this a 'uneventful' operate to work....Watch out for this 1 folks...she undoubtedly has no regard for herself either anybody else on the road.And if this 'lady', either few someone who knows her is reading this posting, I have to ask a question: How do u think my wife & 2 children (ages ten & 7) would have felt if a cops officer came knocking on our door to say them that their husband & father had been killed as a result of of ur reckless attitude???!!! You may not provide a damn, however I do!

    • Car Details: Silver NISSAN Pathfinder
    • Last Seen Location: Vernon, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous October 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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