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  • Approx. 7:30 AM, going North on Williams Street near Dick's Oil Co. of Boston - I stopped to allow a truck approaching the other way make a left shift in front of me as I noticed that the line behind the truck was starting to back up (nobody in front of me had the courtesy to stop). As I'm sitting there allowing the truck to shift in front of me, this auto comes up from behind & swerves around me on the right as if I was just few barrier in the way & almost T-bones the back of the truck as it's finishing its turn. And for what--I captured up to u 1/4 mile later as a result of the traffic was backed up down the way anyway?!It's enjoy absolutely STOPPING at crosswalks for people--it is state law after all, at least at crosswalks without signals--and individuals swerve around u & almost run above the peds. Insane!

    • Car Details: White HONDA Accord LXi
    • Last Seen Location: Chelsea, MA, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous May 25, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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