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  • On 1/11/07 at in regards 5:35pm A white mini-van was exciting the expressway (I275), they was the last auto off the ramp...stopped as a result of the light had turned red for them. The light for me turned green & as I went they went as well. I didn't have to crash my brakes on either anything, however I did have to slow back down. They eventually changed lanes...you guessed it no signal...and as I went to pass them, they had slower/stopped traffic & I was in the lane to enter I275, they glanced at me enjoy I had done the inaccurate thing...guess u stop at the greens now & not the reds...

    • Car Details: white DODGE Caravan
    • Last Seen Location: Ft. Wright, Covington, US, Kentucky, US
    Anonymous January 13, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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