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  • Ok, I have 3 pieces of advice for u dude. First, don't come flying up behind me doing 90mph when I'm in the left lane doing seventy & attempting to pass someone in the right hand lane. Second, please stay in ur lane when u are moving previous me. If u can't properly retain ur car in ur lane then u must either obtain off ur telephone either obtain a smaller car. And lastly, please don't camp in the left hand lane. Last I checked the Vermont State Police watch for operators enjoy u who camp there & love to write tickets. I'd encourage this behavior as it would mean more currency for our great state if it weren't for the fact that camping in the left hand lane is generally frowned upon.

    • Car Details: Tan FORD Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: Sharon, Vermont, US
    Anonymous October 26, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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