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  • Dangerously impatient, too!Unfortunately, this motorist gives a not good name to woman drivers.While commuting to occupation this morning, she drove up in her white Mercedes ML320 SUV & tailgated me through all of West Concord. I fled up to between 5-10 miles above the speed limit (I was by no means moving below the speed limit in the 1st place), & she continued riding my bumper & flashing her brights. At a crossing in front of the firestation (and a 99 Restaurant), we came to a red lights, where she drove around the crossing in a attempt to obtain around me. The light turned green for my lane, yet she drove through a red light cutting me off in the intersection, almost smashing my vehicle!!!! As she continued toward Route 2, she continued the same behavior, weaving in & out of traffic, flashing her brights, tailgating & moving in access of 80mph. Whew!!! I hope the cops catch up to her 1 day. Thankfully, my daughter's auto seat in my auto wasn't occupied.

    • Car Details: White MERCEDES BENZ ML320
    • Last Seen Location: West Concord, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous October 04, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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