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  • 2:30pm, Saturday November 7th. The incident began on the I-675 north toward I-285 west. The ramp consists of two lanes: left lane leads to I-285 & right lane leads to Moreland. I was the commuter in a auto that was in the left lane going for 285 west when we approached the Dodge in the right lane. We was en voyage previous the auto when all of a sudden the dimwit en voyage the Dodge just swerved into our lane, cutting us off & almost causing a accident. As we descended the on-ramp to 285, the dolt was undoubtedly ashamed & attempted to speed away. He eventually was slown down by alternative auto & as we passed, we noticed the motorist front's window was off track & part of it was protruding out the window. There was even more amusement added when he started adjusting it by hand...yeah, taking his hands off the wheel at above sixty mph. Do the world a favor, dude: learn to operate & fix ur window.

    • Car Details: DODGE INTREPID
    • Last Seen Location: Dekalb Co., Georgia, US
    Anonymous November 09, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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