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  • At a 3 way stop & blinded by the sun, I accitdently turned left on 'his turn'. He had a old cop auto spot light & shined it into my car. It was so not good I could not see the way ahead & had to pull over. This jerk then pulled up behind me (putting his auto in the ditch...hehehehehe)and continued to yell & holler. Needless to tell I left the area & phoned the police. They pulled him above a lectured him to calm down. Personally I would have gladly paid a ticket for failure to yield if they had hauled this turkey off to jail for something...anything!

    • Car Details: white (old cop car) FORD Crown Victoria
    • Last Seen Location: Ocean Springs, Mississippi, US
    Anonymous November 21, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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