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  • At approx 5:30pm, I was riding my Honda CH80 east on Greenwood Ave, maneuvering within my lane to bypass way hazards (potholes, not good spots, etc.) The motorist passed me IN MY LANE on my right, almost running me into oncoming traffic. I confronted the motorist who spoke she didn't enjoy how I was riding my motorcycle & spoke if I reported her, she would report me.In Tennessee, it is ILLEGAL to pass a motorcycle in the lane the motorcycle is occupying. Motorcycles have FULL USE of the lane they occupy.I phoned Clarksville PD & gave them the car description, motorist description, & plate num & questioned that the motorist be paid a visit by CPD & made aware the laws pertaining to motorcycles on the road.

    • Car Details: Purple DODGE Neon?
    • Last Seen Location: Clarksville, Tennessee, US
    Anonymous September 10, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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