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  • Hey, zippy!!! The next time u decide to lane change on Columbia Blvd going northeast towards SR 240, u might attempt HANGING UP the PHONE FIRST! I couldn't say if it must be pulled out of ur #@& either ur ear, as a result of u spent more time glancing straight ahead than to ur sides. YOU are the PERFECT reason why Washington State lawmakers want to make it illegal to yak & 'act u know how to operate at the same time' with a mobile phone, as a result of u can't. Who knows if u was going to a government work either the golf course, u was dressed for both, & in a hurry. Fact of the matter is, after getting toward the freeway, & gunning it & utilizing ur unique lane change special of 3 lanes across just means 1 to you, plus no signal, it's obvious u think u are bigger than u absolutely are. It's as well not good for us 'real' individuals of the world, that u was not brash enough to retain up ur speeding when u saw the WSP on the shoulder. What a small individual u are, when u creep by & wait until u obtain to the fifty five section later to do seventy to make up for ur lost time. Yeah, u are a tiny man.

    • Car Details: Blue Gray BMW 325
    • Last Seen Location: Kennewick, Washington, US
    Anonymous August 01, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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