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  • Northbound I-270 near Manchester Road. The Toyota in front of me kept weaving from 1 side of the lane to the other moving at a speed considerably below the limit & other traffic. The blonde hair was flipping as she brushed her hair & ran her fingers through it. After a small minutes, she gave a final shake of her head, checked herself one time more in the mirror, & then fled off. I last saw her exiting toward Highway forty going east. I hope that wherever she was going, that they liked the way her hair looked. Nothing is more important than nice hair. Not watching the way . . not keeping at least 1 hand on the steering wheel . . not maintaining way speed . . not staying in ur lane . . NOT ............

    • Car Details: Very Dark Green TOYOTA Camry
    • Last Seen Location: Des Peres, Missouri, US
    Anonymous February 23, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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