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  • I witnessed this terrible motorist come close to smashing into a beautiful Cadillac DeVille near Pratt & Central on Chicago's border with Skokie. The motorist then continued on to the crossing of Devon & Central where he rolled his window down & taunted the innocent Cadillac Driver....I wish the calm Cadillac guy would have rolled down his window & spit in this chumps face....or even stepped out to beat his ass. The man motorist of a black BMW x5 IL # 805 8400 deserves to be stripped of his license & his automobile. This guy as well had a woman commuter & possibly children in the vehicle. WHAT A COWARD...Lets obtain this guy off the streets....If u see him....Let him know u are watching him & his terrible en voyage & impolite behavior will NOT be tolerated. ...or u could follow him & beat his ass....stick him a small times for me.... thanks 2tires

    • Car Details: black BMW x5
    • Last Seen Location: CHICAGO, Illinois, US
    Anonymous September 04, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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