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  • Not positive it's a Alero, however it's a beige sedan. Male, most likely in his 40s, undoubtedly in a hurry however no demand to compromise the safety of other individuals on the road!He was tailgating the truck in front of him on a one-lane road, who was moving at a proper speed & was himself behind a school bus amidst morn hurry hour.A small lights later I was in front of the offender, & made a left shift toward a 3 lane road. Once I turned I saw that the lane was blocked farther down by a truck doing way maintenance. I put on my signal & began to merge to the right, 1 to have the offender cut me off & come incredibly close to rear-ending me. He zoomed off & cut off a school bus to merge all the way above to the right. Total disregard for the safety of other vehicles!

    • Car Details: Champagne OLDSMOBILE Alero
    • Last Seen Location: Alexandria, Virginia, US
    Anonymous December 07, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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