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  • While stopping to take a corner off a twnty five mile per hour road, this youung female & her man posse barreled up the road, then stopped fast behind us & beeped as a result of we was standing by at a STOP SIGN. She then continued to tail gate us all the way up Main Street, finally passing us by en voyage through the ditch (which is, umm, ILLEGAL). While she drove, her 'buddies' yelled, & enjoyed flipping us off. She's a danger on the way & requires to slow her butt down. This was Waterville at 8:45pm on a Friday night...there was no reason to be en voyage that fast.

    • Car Details: White VOLKSWAGEN Jetta
    • Last Seen Location: Waterville, Maine, US
    Anonymous September 03, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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