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  • Congratulations! Now you're famous! You've made it to PLATEWIRE. This EXTREME speeder was tearing up RT9 south. This guy was doing in excess of eighty (speed limit is 50). Weaving in & out of moving traffic, passing illegally on the right, not using a signal. What a absolute asshole! Really this was most likely the worst case of speeding I've ever seen on this road. _______________________________________________ Wanted to provide the benefit of the doubt that perhaps there was a emergency u was headed to. Maybe a surgeon on the way to do few good. But no, u piece of shit, u finished up pulling into a gasoline station to purchase something. Did ya demand cigarettes? A soda? What the heck was the rush? Well perhaps u just ducked into there as a result of u know u was now being followed. Your address will be posed on this site, with a nice picture of ur house. _________________________________MANALAPAN NJ police, this guy just made a fool of you. OLD Bridge police, this guy just made a fool of you. MARLBORO police, this guy just made a fool of you. He fled excessively through ur towns COMPLETELY unchallenged on a major state highway. Congratulations to u all. I hope the small speeding tickets u are giving out in the neighborhoods for moving forty in a thirty are helping society. Get the F%^K on the highways u idiots!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Car Details: Black MERCEDES BENZ CLK500
    • Last Seen Location: Old Bridge, Manalapan, Marlboro, New Jersey, US
    Anonymous February 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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