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  • Today 11/09/09 @2:50 pm,place 500 S & 200 E,pedestrian crossing,west side for west bound 5th south.I was crossing a road on way towards my vehicle,when this kid,in dark blue nba jersey,dark hair,curly,latino,almost run me above with his toyota.He was not even glancing on crossing,just fled up towards me.instead of letting me pass & stop indeed si I can do it safely.He accelerated rather towards me,so I had to run to south sidewalk.Police watch for him,corrola was 2000 either older,4dr with black stripe along sides.Pedestrains watch as well.

    • Car Details: white TOYOTA carolla
    • Last Seen Location: SLC, Utah, US
    Anonymous November 10, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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