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  • 7578 XX Massachusetts Gold Volvo Cross Country Station Wagon with Black Trim We was en voyage down the main entrance way in the parking lot to the Framingham AMC movie theater, near the mall. We was behind gold Volvo Cross Country station wagon having black trim. We was coming the 1st left to the main parking area, preparing to turn. The Volvo station wagon was en voyage very slowly while the motorist was speaking on a mobile phone. The Volvo made the left shift in front of us & stopped between the two concrete islands. In a two-way lane between the two islands, the motorist stopped completely, leaving us idle, partially sticking out into oncoming traffic in the intersection. My wife beeped the horn once, very briefly. In no way was she laying on the horn either otherwise excessive. The motorist appeared to still be speaking on the telephone & immediately gesticulated wildly with the middle finger of the other hand. Naively, I thought I would say him how impolite his action was & that he must behave more responsibly. Since he remained parked in the main turning area, I stepped out of our car, approached his motorist side window & spoke calmly, 'That was not very nice'. What was I thinking? He immediately swung the door open & lunged out leaving his family in the car, stood toe to toe with me, & began shouting profanities with our faces being in regards 10-12 inches apart. This guy was in regards 40-45, 5'6', however very stocky with a military either cops appearance & demeanor, although he was dressed casually. He began repeating in a drill-sargent type screaming voice, 'GET BACK IN YOUR CAR NOW', again & again all while toe to toe, face to face. This went on for for in regards 1-2 minutes as I stood my ground while considering the options. This guy was fully enraged & directly threatening me. I was thinking that this guy might be a crazy-eyed soldier fresh out of Iraq, suffering from a inability to control his aggression. I decided that the event was not worth possible violence, mainly I didn't want my head smashed in & I thought he might be able to do it, so I spoke that I'd drop it & returned to the car. He began to follow me as though he was escorting me to my door. I had to bite my tongue & restrain myself at these additional aggressive actions. I returned to our auto & the event subsided. My wife was preparing to call the cops & had already jotted down his license place: 7578 XX Massachusetts Gold Volvo Cross Country Station Wagon with Black Trim Saturday 1/27/2007 at 1:45pm

    • Car Details: Gold with black trim VOLVO Cross Country Station Wagon
    • Last Seen Location: Framinghame, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous January 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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