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  • Friday, July 6, 6:09PM. Westbound I-4 just south of Downtown Orlando.Speed racer here is just ZOOMING through traffic, weaving in & out at high speed. I had the top down & was enjoying a nice cigar so I was in the right lane taking a nice leisurely pace.Traffic was moving steadily (unusual for a Friday in this area) however not fast enough for this clown. Finally, he swings above to the 'Exit Only' lane for S.R. 408 & passes all of us in the right lane. When the lane ends & twists off to exit, this farging icehole cuts accross the striped shoulder & cuts back in to the traffic lane, just missing clipping me. No signals, & zooms off again.This jerk will kill few someone for sure.

    • Last Seen Location: Orlando, Florida, US
    Anonymous July 10, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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