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  • Friday, June 22 around noon time. Traveling north on Rt seven in N. Smithfield, I'm doing 45mph in a 40mph section & this clown passes me. And for what? I catch up to him at the light at the interzection of seven & 102. He proceeds to tailgate few poor soul in front of him, who, by the way, is moving 35mph in a 25mph. Then he twists right on to a country way & speeds up to 50mph. And for what?, I ask agian. To shift into his driveway & make it house in time for lunch!? Bravo butt clown. Your neighbors & their children should love you. You Are My Hero!!!!

    • Car Details: black OTHER 4-door sedan
    • Last Seen Location: N. Smithfield thru Burrillville, Rhode Island, US
    Anonymous June 27, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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