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  • Flat with font similar to Tennessee issues. There is no additional charge for these plates. From Bradley Gallagher: This type was redesigned in October 2013. The redesigned plates feature a 0000AA0 numbering format. Bradley reports the original order of issue as follows: AM00000 (embossed), 00000AM (embossed, then flat from here on), AN00000, 00000AN, AP00000, 00000AP, AR00000, 00000AR, AS00000, 00000AS, AT00000, 00000AT, AV00000, 00000AV, AW00000, 00000AW, AY00000, 00000AY, AZ00000, 00000AZ, BA00000, BB00000, BC00000, & then BD00000. High: BD37409 AU seems to have been skipped, possibly as a result of of Auburn University. It appears that AX was skipped in two configurations. High Embossed: AM99485 Low flat: 08714AM

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    Willie C. Brock, Jr. April 04, 2014
    Flagged As: Information

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