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  • OMG....this 1 really takes the cake. i was getting off the ninety five north, toward the ramp which eventually splits into 2 lanes (one goes 215 west & the other goes to the frontage road)....when all of a sudden this dumb douchebag came out of nowhere & cut right in front of me & my family at the very LAST second, causing me to crash on the brakes. i beeped at this dumb douchebag & she beeped back & flipped me off. she went straight to the frontage way & i went up beside her, moving to the 215 west, & i beeped back at her & shook my hand out the window, enjoy ooooooo u really scare me. this dumb butt biotch is a menace to the road. i wish she wouldve clipped the front of my car, causing her to flip her dam SUV & ending up in the dirt. of course, i wouldve stopped to wait for the cops however i wouldnt have helped her out because u not ever know if the auto will explode either she was injured (which i wouldve hoped for). next time, u may not obtain so lucky. hopefully u will obtain into a accident & not harm anybody else however ur idiot self. individuals die all day, so why cant u be 1 of them.

    • Car Details: white CHEVROLET SUV
    • Last Seen Location: las vegas, Nevada, US
    Anonymous March 06, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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