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  • OK, so the last shift on my way to occupation is toward kind of a back way in the city. If u are moving out the way I come in then u have to shift right as a result of there is a large median with planters in the middle of the road. So im en voyage in to occupation & this guy is attempting to obtain out on the way & has his left shift signal on & glancing off to the right as if he was glancing for oncoming cars. Well, just after I turned right the Honda(?) twists left. I glance back in amazement as the Honda almost hits the auto behind me (which had to go toward the curb as a result of its 1 1 lane) & proceedes to go down the way the inaccurate way & take ANOTHER left. The auto behind me & I glance at each other with amazement.

    • Car Details: Silver HONDA
    • Last Seen Location: Hiawatha, Iowa, US
    Anonymous March 05, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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