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  • Northbound on Park Avenue, starting at Pleasant, between 11:05 & 11:10 AM Saturday 12/23/2006. Park Avenue is four lanes - two each direction. I noticed the Explorer when its grill occupation filled my rearview mirror, tailgating me in the right lane. Explorer pulled out & passed, stopped fifty yard up at a red light. Changed to the left lane (without a directional signal), moved right to pass, then straddled the lane line while moving previous Elm Park. Exceeded posted speed limit while doing this. Stopped at alternative red light, then tailgated / changed lanes, attempting to obtain ahead of other cars, all without directional signals either all trace of courtesy. I lost sight of the Explorer when he slipped through the yellow light at Park Avenue / Grove Street, & I had to stop. Yes, I know Massachusetts operators are bad, however this motorist exceeded the norm!

    • Car Details: Black FORD Explorer
    • Last Seen Location: Worcester, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous December 27, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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