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  • You know, I provide a lot of respect to our Military Veterans, however there are always exceptions. This guy has a Veteran license plate, however he's absolutely 1 of THE WORST operators out there, endangering other peoples' lives. I see him all morning, puffing on the stinkass cigar I can smell even two either 3 vehicles behind him. He exceeds the speed limit, weaves in & out of stop & go traffic, cuts individuals off to obtain to the front, operates in the right shift lane in Royal Kunia, goes THROUGH the crossing & squeezes into the left just before the right lane ends. EVERY MORNING! Funny thing is even though he does all this to obtain ahead of all else, I always end up seeing him stuck behind traffic & the stop lights in Wahiawa. Ass.

    • Car Details: GRAY NISSAN Z
    • Last Seen Location: Waipahu, Hawaii, US
    Anonymous September 27, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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