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  • McDonald's next to the Chevron on Imola at Soscol. I am really REALLY tired of huge pick-up/utility trucks taking up two spaces. What's worse, even if they DO take up just 1 space, THEY STILL PARK CROOKED! So parking next to the truck is rather difficult. However, I as well understand their plight. I've attempted parking huge pick-up trucks, & it's very easy to think you've parked straight when, in fact, you're in regards ten degrees off-angle. But, I don't own a truck. I don't operate it all day, practicing my parking skills. I bet many of these operators have owned their trucks for years. SO COME ON! I think that if u own a car in which the driver's seat enables u to sit as high as u stand, u must be trained in how to park it.

    • Car Details: Grey bed, blue cab and hood DODGE Utility Truck
    • Last Seen Location: Napa, California, US
    Anonymous May 06, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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