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  • Driving abreast of traffic in the right lane; backing up traffic in the left lane. MOVE RIGHT. If few someone behind u flashes their lights & there's no 1 in front of you, if u glance right & the same auto is still there...you are most likely holding up faster traffic. MOVE RIGHT. ? 46.2-842.1. Drivers to provide way to certain overtaking cars on divided highways. It shall be unlawful to fail to provide way to overtaking traffic when en voyage a motor car to the left & abreast of alternative motor car on a divided highway. On audible either light signal, the motorist of the overtaken car shall move to the right to allow the overtaking car to pass as soon as the overtaken car can safely do so. A violation of this section shall not be construed as negligence per se in all civil action.

    • Car Details: Beige metallic NISSAN Sentra
    • Last Seen Location: Leesburg, Virginia, US
    Anonymous September 20, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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