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  • Guy was speaking on his mobile telephone en voyage with 1 hand, drinking a cup of coffee, & weaving in & out of traffic. This guy had no clue that people was on the way & would operate close enogh that my wife could not see his headlights in her mirror. Switching lanes w/o glancing & missed people by mear inches. We clocked his speed at seventy + as he fled away toward Ellicot city. One would think that it being the holiday season that individuals would be more courtious however in this area its not the case.

    • Car Details: Rt 100 Rt 10 merge, Maryland, Rt 100 Rt 10 merge, Maryland, US
    • Last Seen Location: Rt 100 Rt 10 merge, Maryland, US
    Anonymous December 20, 2006
    Flagged As: Information

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