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  • So in typical, arrogant, beemer fashion, this dip-weed cuts me off. But wait, it gets even better. When he's done with his cancer-stick, he flicks the still smoldering weed right into the commuter side door the auto next to him. The motorist of that auto not ever knew it. To bad. I'd have loved to watch Mr. Beemer obtain his butt kicked. Then he cuts off alternative guy when he leaves my lane.If that wasn't enough for 1 commute, in regards ten minutes later, at the end of the I-270 spur, just as traffic is approaching back up to speed, a red beemer comes screaming by me. I watched as he tail-gated few guy, then he jumped in the HOV lane. I guess there was a e-mail from the BMW dealership which spoke such fine automobiles are allowed to violate HOV. Alas, the trooper who pulled him above didn't obtain that memo. It's phoned 'karma', people.

    • Car Details: Black BMW 323
    • Last Seen Location: Beltway, inner loop near River Rd, US, Maryland, US
    Anonymous June 26, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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