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  • Thursday, July 3rd, 2008 Time: Around 11:35am I had just gotten off of 237-west going towards the crossing of El Camino Real & Grant Rd. Once our light moving towards Grant Rd turned green I started to proceed in the slow lane while on my left the fast lane & on my right the right shift lane only. Well, here is this moron in the inaccurate lane (right shift 1 lane) 1st was en voyage in & out of his/her lane enjoy they was either indecisive (couldn't make up their minds rather he/she was moving to make a right shift either if the motorist was speaking on their mobile phone. At the last minute, this motorist finished up cutting me off by almost smashing me with a small infant in my auto as they changed lane without signaling. On Grant Rd/North Drive, we two made a right shift moving towards Hospital Drive, however again this motorist refused to use their shift signal. This is the reason why CA operators should use a hands free device while speaking on ur mobile phones while driving. Talk in regards morons!! Note to driver: I just hope the next time u decide to say on ur mobile telephone while en voyage u absolutely smack few someone as a result of this is the 1 way u will ever learn not to say while driving. Also, obtain yourself a hands free for ur mobile telephone & hope the police will smack u with a nice big fine u ass.

    • Car Details: Black SATURN V6
    • Last Seen Location: Moutnain View, California, US
    Anonymous July 04, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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