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  • Unfortunately, I was subjected to vehicular harassment in Ferndale today. Pulling out of a operate way, I signaled left & turned to the middle lane turning left as I saw a 300C coming in the distance. As I continued to merge into traffic he ran right up behind me & then decided to obtain over. I blow my horn as to tell HEY YOUR TRYING TO HIT MY CAR!?!! This CRAZY slowed down & started tailing me! I passed a small blocks & turned into AceHareware to see if he was really that deranged. yes, CRAZY turned too! He stopped halfway in the driveway & would not back off! I rose my telephone in the air to signal IM CALLING 911. He pulls all the way in & Im on the telephone with 911 attempting to obtain a license plate number. So as I turned he turned. Literally making circles in the parking lot.? WHAT A F*CKING SHOCK... HE HAS A MI SHERIFF PLATE #6BU15!! Im sick of the foolishness I pull out & shift right to retain moving.. he is right behind me. Im on 9mile road STOPPED with my emergency blinkers & he is still right there. Im on the telephone with 911, & she basically tells if he didn't smash u then this type of harassment is OK! I STRONGLY OPPOSE! As I have now STALLED on nine mile, few STATE TROOPERS ride past. IM BLOWING MY HORN LIKE A MAD WOMAN...they wave & operate right on bye. So I have to deal with this until this LUNATIC decides he wants to operate a block up & dodge on a side street. THIS DANGEROUS LUNATIC HAS A MI SHERIFF PLATE #6BU15. PUBLIC SAFETY...HAZARD

    • Car Details: Silver CHRYSLER 300c
    • Last Seen Location: FERNDALE, Michigan, US
    Anonymous September 14, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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