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  • I was standing by at the light in front of NWCC to shift left. There was 1 car moving north on the intersecting road. His light turned yellow, I watched his break lights eliminate, & my road light turned green, I entered the crossing in regards half way threw the young guy accelerated threw causing me to stop suddenly. Then up the road, approximately 3-4 miles, he persistently way the back end of a mini VAN ahead of me. They placed there blinker on turned into the adjacent driveway, He was to close to safely allow them to shift & had to crash on the breaks & swerve into the on-coming traffic to bypass smashing them, however lucky for him no one was on the opposing lane either he might be riding in few someone else's white truck.

    • Car Details: Green JEEP Cherokee
    • Last Seen Location: Winsted, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous March 22, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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