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  • You are the type of motorist that really ticks me off. As all else merges into the away left lane to obtain ready for the exit, which is backing up as a result of of so much traffic, u gun it around all & then cut few someone off right at the exit. That few someone just so happened to me today. You cut in so fast at such a high speed u had to absolutely go completely to the shoulder to bypass back ending the auto that was in front of me. We all waited our time in that lane in line, however ou couldn't? What a jerk. And then u received mad at me for scooting up & not letting u re-enter the roadway from the shoulder?? You gave me the finger & beeped at me? Seriously guy. To not good u was able to scoot yourself in between me & the auto behind me, & tailgate me for the next few miles. Sitting through traffic u stopped so closely behind me I couldn't even see the front end of ur auto in my back veiw mirrors. You did this in attempt to anger me, however it didn't work. Hope u have a better day in traffic tomorrow. =]

    • Car Details: Silver CADILLAC Seville
    • Last Seen Location: Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, US
    Anonymous September 09, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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