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  • This creep, hiding behind dark-tinted windows, kept honking at the pickup truck in front of him (next to me) as a result of he wasn't moving fast enough. The truck was doing in regards the speed limit, as was I, however this jerk just wasn't satisfied. As I passed the pickup truck, the Stratus motorist pulled around the truck to fall in line behind me. As I pulled ahead of the pickup truck, the Stratus motorist clipped above in front of the pickup truck, very CLOSELY to the front of the truck so there was no doubt as to the Stratus driver's arrogance & rudeness. This jerk could have caused a accident. He kept up this behavior for alternative couple of miles, moving back & forth between the lanes, until my observance of his rudeness finished when I turned off toward alternative road. BEWARE of this jerk!Additional details on his vehicle: Dark-tinted windows, white 'flame' decals on the sides. Oh, & few dented panels on the side, as well. Gee, wonder how such a conscientious motorist received those??

    • Car Details: Dark Blue DODGE Stratus
    • Last Seen Location: St. Louis, Missouri, US
    Anonymous February 21, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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