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  • Mass Turnpike Westbound, Friday, April 17, approximately 7:20 pm: Here's a hint: u 1 save at U-Save Auto Rental (I saw the sticker in the back) if u return the car in the same condition u received it--which u can't if u operate it enjoy a sports auto & don't at least use ur directionals so the rest of us know, 'Hey, 10-ft-long VAN in regards to swerve into my lane.' Since I KNOW, especially for the safety of the passengers I saw in the van, that u had 'every intention' of warning when you, for example, cut across two lanes directly from the right lane to the left lane, I can 1 assume that that stick attached to the left side of ur steering wheel is BROKEN. That was confirmed later on down the road, when u was attempting to obtain back to the right lane & put on ur directional... finally... & the DARN THING STAYED ON FOR 3/4 MILE! Yup, should be broken--get that thing back to U-Save before, um, u DON'T save.

    • Car Details: White FORD E350
    • Last Seen Location: Newton, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous April 18, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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