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  • This retard is up to his old dirty tricks! Near Accident #1: he slowed down abruptly while riding his brakes in construction section just as white compact auto was changing from left lane of south to right lane due to left lane being closed as a result of of construction. Near Accident #2: left lane was available & white compact auto accelerated to pull into left lane when retard slowed down to retain a boatload of space between him & auto in front of him. White auto came in regards 1/2 inch from slamming into retards bumper. He beeped at retard to allow him know that he isn't en voyage safely & retard shoots him the middle finger rather of apologizing. Near Accident #3: as he was flipping off motorist of white compact car, he almost back finished the maroon minivan in front of him. Near Accident #4: I attempt to change lanes in boatload of space between him & minivan & retard almost rear-ends me & immediately pulls into left lane & honks & flips me off as he pulls alongside him. In less than a minute this retard almost caused four accidents. Thank u Ogden Police for not responding yet again to a 911 from me regarding this incompetent driver!

    • Car Details: Red CHEVROLET
    • Last Seen Location: Salt Lake City, Utah, US
    Anonymous December 06, 2010
    Flagged As: Information

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