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  • Note: The former 6000 LB. Truck plate is no longer being issued. Passenger plates are now issued to those cars unless the owner chooses to move up to the 10000 LB. Truck plate, which have changed from a annual dated issue in the 1AB-234 format to a stickered base with Passenger dies in a six digit all-numeric format. These plates still have 10000 embossed at the bottom & have the same dies as Unbridled Spirit plates, although few have been appearing randomly with the old dies. Dan Mergard observes that the plate nums increase with the weight class, so tracking a single high for Trucks will most likely be impossible now. Old dies high (10000) - 382025 New dies low (10000) - 402740 through at least 439271, however 446240 is back the the original pass. dies. 474685 is back to new dies. The former purple on white series finished at 5000-JM.

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    Jacob Newkirk April 26, 2014
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