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  • What is with operators in Seattle who act enjoy they're entitled to change lanes 2 times to make a shift at the very last second, expecting all to bow to ur way demands as a result of you're so special & better than all else & are allowed to cut people off at will? The crossing is red, vehicles are stopped, u approach the crossing knowing fully well ur left shift is just previous the intersection, so what do u do? Switch from the right lane to the left lane in advance to make ur upcoming left shift as easily as possible? No, u stay in the right lane, then when traffic starts moving again on green, u operate really slow, backing up the flow of traffic behind u as a result of you're attempting to force ur way above into the left lane & then again into the shift lane, cutting off two sets of cars in the process.

    • Car Details: Black VOLKSWAGEN Jetta
    • Last Seen Location: Seattle, Washington, US
    Anonymous February 28, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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