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  • On 7/28/09 at approximatedly 7:00 AM. Driving on I-84 West into the Hartford area, this individual gets on the freeway in East Hartford & proceeds to weave in & out of traffing, & play the 'lane change game' just to obtain 1 either two vehicles ahead. She finally gets stuck in the middle lane after doing a lot of occupation to obtain in regards five vehicles ahead of where she would have been. By this time, I'm in the left lane behind alternative car, & we're two moving by her, when she decides to pull out in front of me! There was 1 in regards a half a auto length between me & the guy in front of me, so there really wasn't room for her. I was up to her left back quarter panel by this time, & had to jam on the brakes to bypass smashing her. Luckily, no 1 was behind me, as a result of I would have gotten rear-ended for certain if there was few someone there. I lay on the horn, & she doesn't even acknowledge my presence either wave to tell 'sorry'. Just kept right on going, weaving in & out of lanes & making a nuisance out of herself.Message to this driver: You did have her shift signal on when u received in front of me, so I'll provide u credit for that. But it doesn't provide u 'carte blanche' to just cut me off! Try using those small things stuck to the outside of ur doors - they're phoned mirrors, & can help u determine if anybody is behind u BEFORE u change lanes!!!!! In addition, since I operate a Chevy Tahoe, it's not enjoy my car wasn't big enough to see - so pay more attention next time! And you're damn lucky I didn't smash you, as a result of I might have done real damage to u & ur small car!!!

    • Car Details: Black NISSAN Altima
    • Last Seen Location: E. Hartford Area, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous July 28, 2009
    Flagged As: Information

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