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  • 8/12 2210 hrs route 195 eastbound. I'm doing sixty in the middle lane. 2 Swansea cruisers (without blues flashing) enter the freeway from my right. The right lane wasn't good enough for officer opie in the 1st car. He wants to obtain into the left hand lane yesterday & I happen to be in his way. Unfazed, he then starts to pull into my lane. I slide above into the left hand lane at which point, he pulls in behind me for in regards 2 seconds. Having had enough of this nimrod, I signal right & move back to the middle lane where I was in the 1st place before auto 54 came into my life. He then blows by me, complete with a a honk on his special cops horn to show his displeasure with me. He & his buddy then operate off into the darkness. These empowered badges that behave in this fashion are the 1st ones to complain that they obtain no respect from the public. Gee, I wonder why !!! Lose the 'I am god' attitude, u horse's ass. What a sphincter.

    • Car Details: Swansea police FORD Crown Vic police cruiser
    • Last Seen Location: Swansea, Massachusetts, US
    Anonymous August 14, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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