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  • As u weaved in & out of traffic on I-75 N without using ur shift signal I honestly thought nothing of it considering all the construction & the mess it has created. But when u exited the highway on the Newtown Pike exit u straddled the dotted line all the way down to the light. When u finally chose a lane & cut me off to obtain into it I was mildly frustrated, & as I followed u toward Newtown Pike & watched u almost cause a wreck by straddling the dotted line AGAIN while people was merging toward Newtown Pike from I-75 S, I received nothing however pleasure when few cars chose to honk at u all the way down Newton Pike until u turned toward New Circle.

    • Car Details: Silver/Grey PONTIAC Grandam SE
    • Last Seen Location: Lexington, Kentucky, US
    Anonymous May 15, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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