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  • Northbound 16th St & Maryland. This dumb b*tch was moving well under the speed limit, a hazard in itself, & not knowing where she was going. I was approaching up fairly quick behind her & she slams on her brakes so hard her auto swerved (sp?). I slammed on my brakes so hard I left rubber on the road & smoke from my tires. She slammed on her brakes as a result of she was upset with ME? WHY? She continues en voyage enjoy that (or must I tell STOPPING) she is moving to hurt herself and/or few someone else. What a dumb b*tch. This broad requires to walk & not operate a car. She's most likely 50+ & must know better. I hope she doesn't have all offspring! I don't want to run into her again. Well, then again, perhaps I do!! This didn't happen today, it happened a bit ago. LOOK OUT for this crazy 1 folks!

    • Car Details: goldish in color SATURN Not sure if Saturn. Maybe a Toyota. Small car
    • Last Seen Location: Phoenix, Arizona, US
    Anonymous May 14, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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