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  • I 1st saw this guy on 291 East in my rearview. He was in the leftmost lane in moderate traffic, however was not satisfied with how fast traffic was moving for him (65-70). I could see him straddling the 2 lanes glancing for a place to blow by the individuals in the left lane. He eventually received by a auto either two & finished up behind me. We obtain to the exit for 84, & I can see that traffic is even worse on 84. He is still behind me taking the 84 East exit. We obtain to the point of merging toward 84, & Mr. Ford Ranger (30 horsepower?) is 1 of those individuals that has to operate above the median to obtain by the line of vehicles that are as well attempting to patiently merge. When it was my time to merge, he was attempting to crawl up my butt even though he can't obtain anywhere with traffic now moving a whopping twenty MPH. I am now in 'HIS' way, so this mid-20's punk honks his horn. I did the right thing & did not react. He as well didn't signal one time amidst the approx ten miles I was blessed with his presence. Hey buddy - traffic is moderate to heavy, where do u think u are moving to go? This appears to be alternative failed product of a poor licensing system. The 'filters' that are meant to trap the crap have failed us all.

    • Car Details: Dark Blue FORD Ranger
    • Last Seen Location: Manchester/Vernon, Connecticut, US
    Anonymous January 21, 2008
    Flagged As: Information

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