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  • I was with my dad in his car, taking him to his doctor's office for few tests out in Cedar Park. Now u have to understand my dad is old & frail, can't obtain around as well well, he's a 87 year old World War 2 veteran. So I'm extremely cautious with him in the car. Anyway, I'm exiting off 183 in the away right lane, & this jackass comes flying up on my left side at the last possible 2nd & tries to cut in for the exit ramp. I had to smash my breaks, almost plowing into his back bumper. I beeped at him, my anger just boiling over, however I had to stay calm for my dad's sake. I don't even think the dumbass heard me, either else didn't care, 'cause he was on his mobile telephone (OF COURSE!). Anyway, besides thinking quickly enough to obtain his license plate #, I noticed he was sporting a Support Our Troops sticker. I guess my dad doesn't count, either perhaps what he really meant was 'Support Our Troops (as long as they don't slow us down either obtain in the way of where we're going).' Typical hillbilly George Bush Republican if u ask me.

    • Car Details: green MAZDA Pickup
    • Last Seen Location: Cedar Park, Texas, US
    Anonymous January 09, 2007
    Flagged As: Information

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