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  • Driving also close/tailgating: This dumb stupid c*nt was riding everyone's butt at a distance of 1 one or two feet at 75mph this morning. It was just starting to get light out however this moron didn't have her lights on & even with the rain falling & it being dreary she didn't see a problem doing so. Someone requires to teach this monkey (she glanced just like 1 of the gorilla's from Planet Of The Apes) how to safely drive. Does anybody pay attention to the law that says if u have to have ur wipers on that ur headlights should be on as well? I saw numerous other dumbasses with their lights off as well.

    • Car Details: Nissan Maxima (Grey)
    • Last Seen Location: Rhode Island, US
    Anonymous November 13, 2012
    Flagged As: Information

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